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It was many years later when Barbara was sitting in circle that she found out that the Chinese gentleman whom she saw at the age of eight, when her grandfather visited her, was in fact one of her own guides.  He was there to give the spiritual power and protection she needed to communicate with her grandfather, during her “out of body” experience.  On this occasion Barbara thought she was dreaming until whilst sitting up in bed she looked round at her own body still lying on the bed.

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On another occasion, when Barbara  was in her teens, she was she was walking to a friend’s house late one afternoon when she saw coming towards her a lady dressed in Victorian dress.  The lady was wearing a long blue dress, a bonnet, beautiful lacy gloves and was carrying a parasol on her arm and a draw string bag in her hand.  As she drew level she nodded and smiled to Barbara as if in acknowledgement, Barbara did the same.  As the woman passed, Barbara saw the bustle on her dress. She remembers thinking at the time that it was strange to see a woman dressed like that in the 70’s.  She decided the lady must have been on her way to a fancy dress party.  Within two or three paces of passing the woman, Barbara turned to see if she could see which house she was going into and to her surprise the woman has disappeared.  Barbara stopped and looked around there was no-one to be seen, not another “soul” in the street.

A Butterfly Barbara coaxed onto her finger

The Victorian Lady

Barbara would see and hear spirit not just in her sleep, but sometimes on the way to school and in the school playground. She would ask her friends “who is that person over there?” not realising she was using her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts and that her friends could not see or hear these spirit people.

School Days

Barbara often receives inspirational writing, which she puts to good use, some of which she uses in her craft work..


Inspired Writing